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Danielle is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher. She graduated from Panacea School of Integrative Health and is based out of beautiful Central Maine.

Her birth work career began at Umass Amherst in 2013 where she designed a holistically oriented Bachelor's degree focusing on support for women and families through the child bearing years. She is DONA trained as a Birth Doula as well as CAPPA trained as a Post Partum Doula.  In 2019, Danielle became a mother and is thrilled  to be within her new role.

She has studied with Leslie Stager, RN and LMT for Women's health for integrative pelvic-abdominal massage.  Daniele studied Yin yoga with Travis Elliot & Lauren Eckstrom, world- renowned founders of Inner Dimension Media. Danielle's training also includes Yoga for Amputees with Marsha Theresea Danzing.  Additional educational opportunities included teaching Yoga classes and providing in depth therapeutic sessions at the Travis Mill's Foundation for Recalibrated Veterans. 

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Danielle is passionate about wellness, nutrition and supporting families on their journeys as they grow.  

Homesteading and farming in a rural  close-knit community in Maine with her husband and daughter, Danielle values the days of exploring , growing food and creating a more sustainable life for her and her community.

Danielle, has a sweet spirit which makes it very easy to connect with her. She is passionate about guiding us to become better versions of ourselves. I am delighted that she has given the world an opportunity to connect with her! If you are looking to experience a positive encounter with purpose, pursue this women and what she offers!"

Heather O.

                                                          Presence, Kindness, Mindfulness

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