Massage Services

Trigger Point Therapy

Targeting the areas of long held muscle tension, this technique works to flush new blood and circulation to stagnant and bound up muscles. Communication between client and practitioner is key as we work on creating a trusting relationship with the body.

Hot Stone Therapy

 Treat yourself to the nourishing art of Hot Stone Therapy.  These volcanic rocks are warmed to an ideal temperature, melting away tension and muscle stiffness as well as increasing blood flow throughout the body. This therapeutic work  gets deep into muscle tension. Wonderful service during any time of the year, especially during cold winter months.

Cupping therapy

Thai Cupping

This ancient practice of Thai cupping helps to relieve muscle tension, flush rejuvenating blood to areas of stagnation and promote healing. This deep practice helps to remove toxins from the body and get the Qi moving freely.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue work allows for focused attention to target areas that are causing you discomfort. Communication is key during this work and we aim to keep the muscle from tensing up and the nervous system and breath aligned and relaxed.

Prenatal Massage

The goal of this treatment is to pamper Momma and baby, and provide safe and healing touch that allows for full relaxation. Relief from hip and back pain is also focused on as well as fully supporting Momma with cushions for optimal relief from tension.

Workplace Wellness


Moments of  stillness and relaxation are integral to our health.

Chair massage provides a benefit to employees they are sure to remember and offers accessible and mobile tension  and stress relief in the work place. We all need it, especially now.
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