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Exercising The "Attitude of Gratitude"Muscles

Today, I sit and reflect. I count my blessings. I silently pour over the emotions that envelop me as I wrap my chilly hands around my cup of tea and watch the sun begin to set over the western side of the farm.

I observe this time of sacred stillness and contemplation to honor the life that I have.

I massaged a fellow massage therapist today at Indra Holistic Studio. The warmth of the room and my new friend emulated the sunny disposition that was created from the start of my day.

I reflect on how I taught a Candlelight Restorative Yoga class last night. I smile. I am teaching and LOVING IT.

The community is growing and I feel honored to share in this experience. Students are engaged and enjoying the session focusing on self-compassion, opening and stillness.

Today I practiced something I encourage my students who attend my Yoga classes to bring into their lives; intention setting.

"Energy Flows Where Intention Goes"

I ate my oatmeal full of local blueberries, honey and cinnamon whilst enjoying my coffee and contemplating how I wanted my day to go. I did this before I got involved with anything on my phone, or before engaging with my fur babies. I wrote 5 things I am grateful for. I wrote 5 intentions that I wanted to carry throughout the day.

Last night in the Candlelight Restorative class, I spoke of how intention setting literally changes the neural pathways of the brain.

One of my teachers, Lauren Eckstrom says it best:

"Imagine a dirt road. Then imagine a wagon wheel rolling along this dirt road creating a small groove in the path. Over time as more wheels fall into this same groove, it deepens. This is your mind. These are your habits. When you set an intention, you are creating new grooves by establishing new synaptic connections in your brain but those old grooves are deep so it takes time, practice, and incredible patience (with a hefty dose of self-compassion). " The more actively we put energy towards our intentions, the more aware we become. When our beliefs, visions, feelings and actions are repeatedly aligned and brought to the forefront, the more we will experience lasting change.

On my drive back home from massaging my friend, I continued flexing my 'Attitude of Gratitude" muscle. I pulled into my driveway, silently thinking 'thank you' for my recently built dwelling my loving husband and I share in this place I have the pleasure to call home.

I noticed my friend, Dalziel ( pronounced Dee-L), owner of Dig Deep Farm walking from my home. She had dropped off my Winter CSA share. Such sweetness!

Check out those pea-shoots. Holy Cow. YUM!

Those carrots! WHAT A LIFE! Potatoes, Onions, Cabbage!

I helped grow & harvest these!

As the spring energy grows inside me and we move closer to the equinox, I sit and observe how I continue to feel inspired and full of creativity from the positive energy that I am surrounded with. I cherish these days of recognition of the many blessings I have in my life.

Cultivating Intentions takes practice, and this change will not take place over night.

Deep Breath in...full exhale out.

Thankful to all who are supporting me on this journey.

This is a practice. And I will keep showing up.

So, what are you grateful for?

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