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At Indra Studio
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Immerse  yourself in the soothing sounds of Classical Piano & Violin as you sink into stillness ...

The practice of Restorative Yoga welcomes all and encourages a deep opening of the body and spirit by sinking into stillness. Slow and balanced sequences are performed supported by props while on the floor to encourage full relaxation.


The long held poses allow for focused stretching and relief of stress as you are guided towards presence and inward connection. As you slow down and open up, Danielle will move around the room and provide massage assists and passive stretching while incorporating essential oils to fully engage the senses.


The soft lighting and music will create a welcoming and judgement free zone as we explore the waves of the body and breath.


This class is appropriate for beginners. Dress warm, bring an extra blanket and eye pillow if you wish. Mat, bolster, blanket and blocks are provided.

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