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5 Essentials for Self-Massage

  This foot massager is a life-saver. I use this while I drink my coffee and my toddler fills drawers with toy dinosaurs. It is definitely worth the price tag - it has a good range of pressure, is easy to use, and is well-made. Keeping your feet happy is a foundation for the rest of your body!

  Same company, different massager. The handle design allows you to get into any area on your own, it is plenty powerful, and lots of different attachments make it versatile. This is great for targeted deep-tissue and trigger-point work.

  This tool was recommended to me by my physical therapist several years ago, and I still consider it an essential tool for working on my upper and lower back. It's super durable, inexpensive, and easy to store.

 If you are just going to buy one tool, get a lacrosse ball. There really is nothing better for myofascial release on your own. There are a million great ways to use these, and I'm happy to show you some of these during a session, and there are also plenty of great videos on youtube.

 This is a great oil made by a great company. The oil itself has a good glide, doesn't stain, and is odorless. It's also certified organic and made in America (Maine). A good oil is essential, even for self-massage, so don't leave this one out!

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